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15-02-2012 00:28




+ AGUDO-PADRÓN, A.I. 2012. Brazilian Snail-eating snakes (Reptilia, Serpentes, Dipsadidae) and their alimentary preferences by terrestrial molluscs (Gastropoda, Gymnophila & Pulmonata): an preliminary overview. Biological Evidence, 2(2): 2-3. Available online at: ;


+ MAIA-CARNEIRO, T.; WACHLEVSKI, M. & ROCHA, C.F.D. 2012. What to do to defend themselves: description of three defensive strategies displayed by a serpent Dipsas alternans (Fischer, 1885) (Serpentes, Dipsadidae). Biotemas, Florianópolis, 25(1): 207-210. Available online at:
+ MAIA-CARNEIRO, T.; DORIGO, T.A.; GOMES, S.R.; SANTOS, S.B. & ROCHA, C.F.D. 2012. Sibynomorphus neuwiedi (Ihering, 1911) (Serpentes; Dipsadidae) and Potamojanuarius lamellatus (Semper, 1885) (Gastropoda; Veronicellidae): a trophic relationship revealed. Biotemas, Florianópolis, 25(1): 211-213. Available online at: