Most other two new malacological contributions available ! ...

26-02-2011 18:48



Dear collegues and friends,


Most other two (2) modest new malacological communications are available below:


+ AGUDO-PADRÓN, A.I. 2011. Occurrence of amphibian slugs Omalonyx (Gastropoda: Pulmonata: Succineidae) in the "Serra do Tabuleiro" Ecological State Park region, Santa Catarina's State, SC, Southern Brasil. FMCS Newsletter ELLIPSARIA, 13(1): 19-20. Available online at: 


+ AGUDO-PADRÓN, A.I. & BLEICKER, M.S. 2011. Additional New Records on Continental and Marine Molluscs of Santa Catarina State, SC, Southern Brazil Region: Synthesis and Check List. FMCS Newsletter ELLIPSARIA, 13(1): 20-26. Available online at:


Very thanks, once again, for your important and opportune attention ! ...


O PDPM Editor
Projeto "Avulsos Malacológicos - AM"