New brazilian malacological contributions available ! ...

03-05-2011 14:24

Dear collegues and friends,

Cordial greetings ! ...


Announcing the recent publication of the following two new regional Brazilian contributions:


+ AGUDO-PADRÓN, A.I. 2011. Mollusca and environmental conservation in Santa Catarina State (SC, Southern Brazil): current situation. Biodiversity Journal, Palermo, 2(1): 3-8. Available online at:


+ AGUDO-PADRÓN, A.I. 2011. Current knowledge on population studies on five continental molluscs (Mollusca, Gastropoda et Bivalvia) of Santa Catarina State (SC, Central Southern Brazil region). Biodiversity Journal, Palermo, 2(1): 9-12.  Available online at:


Enjoy !

O PDPM Editor
Project "Avulsos Malacológicos - AM"
Southern Brazil