Two new malacological contributions available ! ...

26-02-2011 13:40


Dear collegues and friends,


To next, two (2) recent new malacological contributions available:


+ DARRIGRAN, G.; DAMBORENEA, C. & TAMBUSSI, A. 2011. Pomacea canaliculata (Mollusca, Gastropoda) in Patagonia: potential role of climatic changes in its dispersion and settlement. Brazilian Journal of Biology (*), 71(1): 1-5. 



+  DARRIGRAN, G. & DAMBORENEA, C. 2011. Ecosystem enginnering impact of Limnoperna fortunei in South America. Zoological Science, 28(1): 1-7. Abstract & References available online at:


Interested in obtaining PDF copies (reprints), please make direct contact with the corresponding author of articles:

Prof. Dr. Gustavo Darrigran>.


Renewed cordial greetings from the Southern Brazil ! ...


O PDPM Editor
Projeto "Avulsos Malacológicos - AM"