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+ AGUDO-PADRON, A.I. 2012. Conservation of endemic land snails in southern Brasil: new records of alien european slugs in the highlands of Santa Catarina State. IUCN/SSC Internet Newsletter TENTACLE, Hawaii, (20): 24-25. Available online at:   



Open-Ended Questioning:


Milax valentiana vs Lehmannia valentiana

Gary Barker

(Pers. comm., 03/02/2012)


"... I am interested in invasive land snails and read with interest your papers on exotic slugs established in Brazil (Tentacle 20; Informativo SBMa 39, 40; Ellipsaria 11). I am writing to query your assignment of valentianus  Ferussac, 1821 to genus Milax (Milacidae). This species belongs to the Limacidae, and should be placed in genus Lehmannia. This assignment is readily indicated by the internal anatomy, especially the genitalia."

"... This assignment to Limacidae is not in dispute. The incorrect assignment to Milax arose many years ago in the South American literature."


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+ AGUDO-PADRÓN, A. I. 2011. Exotic molluscs in Santa Catarina’s State, Southern Brazil region (Mollusca, Gastropoda et Bivalvia): check list and regional spatial distribution knowledge. Biodiversity Journal - BJ, Palermo, 2(2): 53-58. Available online at: