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03-05-2011 21:17


Dear collegues and friends, 

For lovers of Neotropical seashells, we are pleased to announce the official publication (in Spanish) of the new Sudamerican book titled:
+ VIGLIONE, Maria Gabriela Bentancur. Caracoles marinos del Uruguay, Argentina y Brasil. Maldonado: Editora Guyunusa, 2011, 1a. edição, 124 p. 
Magnificent new little technical field book, useful and easy to handle for everyone

This is the first guide of Uruguay seashells with macrophotographs. It has 128 pages and over 125 photos and macro photography of
frequent coastline species in this country and neighboring areas of Argentina and Brazil.



The book is divided into two chapters:

I) An introduction to the dynamics, characteristics and conservation problems of the marine and La Plata coastlines, included: Configuration and physiography of the sea and La Plata coast (system beach, surf and sand movement, dynamics and source of sediment, dune formation, etc.); Coastal and marine ecosystems; Distribution of marine organisms; Coastal problems (pollution, invasion by exotic species, alteration of the coastal strip, etc.).

II) The biology of molluscs and the species present on this shores.

Each tab for the species include: common name, scientific name and its synonymy, description, habitat and distribution, reproduction, ecology, conservation and economic uses of the species. In addition to macro photography to make a correct descriptive determination of it. 

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