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26-05-2012 02:16




+ AGUDO-PADRÓN, A.I. 2012.  Exotic and invasive freshwater/limnic mollusks in Brazil: a quick review of current knowledge, with special emphasis on the Southern region. FMCS Newsletter Ellipsaria, Illinois, 14(2): 20-22. Available online at:



+ AGUDO-PADRÓN, A.I. 2012. New geographical record of amphibian slugs Omalonyx (Gastropoda: Pulmonata: Succineidae)* in the North of Santa Catarina's State, Southern Brazil. FMCS Newsletter Ellipsaria, Illinois, 14(2): 22-23. Available online at:


* Note: ... For other/ more informations visit:  



+ AGUDO-PADRÓN, A.I. 2012. A new emerging scientific continental malacological collection - II - in RS State, Southern Brazil: Augusto Ruschi Zoobotanical Museum, Passo Fundo University - UPF, Passo Fundo Municipal District, RS (CMOUPF). FMCS Newsletter Ellipsaria, Illinois, 14(2): 23-24. Available online at:



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