Novo registro de lula gigante "Architeuthis sp" em águas frente a Santa Catarina - SC ! ...

23-01-2011 09:10

Avulsos Malacológicos - AM - Florianópolis, Brazil


+ MARTINS, R. S. & PEREZ, J. A. A. 2009. A new record of giant squid Architeuthis sp. (Cephalopoda: Oegopsida) in Brazilian waters. ZOOLOGIA, Curitiba, 26(4): 613-623.




A carcass of a giant squid Architeuthis sp. was found afloat off Southern Brazil (28°05'S, 45°35'W) on 29 August 1999. The specimen was a mature female of 116 cm mantle length and had arms incomplete and tentacles missing. The specimen was morphologically similar to those previously described for the Southwest Atlantic, but a few peculiarities were found on the shape of the fins, head and the cross-section and length of ventral arms. Spermatophores were found embedded within the skin of the left ventral arm, at around 60 cm from the mouth, and could be traced to the core of the arm, radiating nearly four centimeters from the point of entry. This was the third record of Architeuthis in Brazilian waters and the eighth in Southwest Atlantic when the specimen was found.